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These three true stories are so unbelievable that Hollywood couldn't have even dreamed them up.

Each of us has a story to tell that seems unbelievable but is true. Usually, though, it's an anecdote of something that happened relatively quickly and then was done with. For example, seeing a dog saving a persons life or witnessing a close call in the traffic.

In this video by YouTuber, MrBallen, he describes three stories that sound like they're straight out of a fiction novel or a Hollywood movie set. But, it's unbelievable to say, are all actually true.

First up, the story about a couple on a road trip to see friends at a baby shower. Halfway to their destination, they decide to stop for a toilet break. It's late in the evening, so they pull into a petrol station and make their way to their respective restrooms.

The gentleman finishes first and decides to wait for his wife at the entrance. While he's standing there, he notices two people in a car parked a few spots away from his. The passenger, a teenage boy, is asleep, but the driver is awake. What is disturbing, though, is the menacing sneer on the face of the middle-aged driver.

Suitably creeped out, the guy grabs his wife by the hand as she exits the restroom and rushes her to the safety of their car. As he speeds off, he notices a strange fist-sized hole in the trunk next to the key slot.

Eventually, a couple of weeks after their trip, the couple is watching the news at home. The top story is about the notorious D.C. Snipers and, lo and behold, they recognise the car and the petrol station from their trip. The two men had been using that rest stop as their safe-haven during their terror-spree that left a dozen people dead.

Up next, a sky diving cameraman who has a bad day. This chap was employed to make home videos of newbie skydivers on their first jumps and had been doing it for years.

On the day in question, things would turn fatal for him on his third jump of the day when he fell to Earth. In the 1980s, video equipment was vastly different from today. Back then, a bulky VHS tape recorder would be placed in a separate backpack under the parachute, with cables running to a large camera.

Unfortunately, during preparations for the third jump of the day, the experienced cameraman accidentally wore two backpacks containing the VHS equipment and no parachute.

The third story is a doozie. This involves triplets, separated at birth and adopted by three different families. When one of them is mistaken for another, a mutual friend hooks them up for a chat. Soon, a local newspaper publishes this fairytale story, and it does the rounds. 

Then, a reader sees the article and immediately calls his friend. This person looks identical to the newly reunited twins, so he decides to call them and meet up.

Unbelievably, they are identical, and the story explodes. The boys become instantly famous when it's confirmed that they are indeed triplets. Overjoyed at this, they immediately hit it off, but their respective parents smell something fishy.

Eventually, it turns out that the triplets, along with other sets of adopted twins, were part of an elaborate experiment. It's a fascinating story that let to a documentary being made.

To learn more about these three true stories, then MrBallen's video below is just the ticket. Smash that play button and enjoy!

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