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Kayleigh Grant has a love for the ocean and has been running boat tours in Hawaii for other people to also witness the deep ocean beauty. During such tours, Grant always goes the extra mile to pick up trash and litter that has been polluting the ocean to better it a better place for everyone who lives in it. 

Grant makes sure to always check the pieces of trash she picks up because sometimes sea life like to take residence on it. Recently while checking the trash for sea life, they found the cutest little baby octopuses living on a discarded snack bag.

“Since we always examine the rubbish for anything living, we noticed them right away.” But coming across baby octopuses is not a rare occurrence as they are a part of Grant’s everyday life at this point. “I have been lucky enough to see them many times due to working out in the deep sea. They are so cute and small, so they always make me so happy to find them!”

Grant knew that she and her team could give these baby octopuses who chose a piece of trash as their home, a better place to reside. Grant and her team gently removed the babies from the bag and placed them in their palms which they filled with seawater while they prepared their new home. Luckily, the team exactly knew what to use as their new living space instead of the snack bag.

“Usually, we have a pineapple onboard our boat to cut up for the guests, so we use the leaves or head of the pineapple as a new home. They were very patient while waiting for each of them to be transferred to a leaf of the pineapple, which only took about one to two minutes total.”

Once the team safely places all the babies on the pineapple head, it was time for them to go back to where they belong. Gently the babies were put it into the ocean and the team watched the tiny octopuses float away aboard their new home. 

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