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One of the most famous subjects trending on the online world is ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) videos and sounds. Some of the most calming sounds can come from the most unexpected sources and those who love ASMR knows that best.

From whispering, eating and sound of tapping, people quickly took a liking into ASMR sound. However, one particular YouTube channel called Animal ASMR has seen a huge online presence and even went viral. Animal ASMR It shares adorable videos of a tortoise named Rocky eating his fruits and vegetables. And yes, people are going nuts for the calming sounds of him chewing his greens.

It might sound odd to some people, but the sweet “nom nom nom” sounds of Rocky are strangely satisfying and calming to his followers. And who doesn’t like adorable videos of cute animals enjoying their sweet treats. 

In several of his videos it shows him enjoying a variety of healthy snacks, such as strawberries, a blueberries, a piece of pumpkin, and yes little small broccoli trees. The adorable Rocky looks delighted and eager to eat his favourite meals, and the sounds he makes indicate just how satisfying his meal is.

Rocky doesn’t follow the “dinner before dessert rule” as he clearly loves starting with the strawberry and finishing with the broccoli. What is also surprising is how quick he can eat something that’s as big as his head! In his videos he’s captured loudly snacking on everything in less than 10 minutes.

Not only does he enjoy his food but Rocky clearly enjoys his life as an ASMR YouTube star as well. A new video is uploaded almost weekly, showing the happy Rocky eating something new and experiencing new flavours. 

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