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Many dogs see postal workers as a threat as they do not understand why a stranger is leaving a weird package on their property. Some pups bark away at the sight of the postal workers, and other pups take it into their own hands to destroy the letters and packages. And for canines who’s duty is to also protect their home and loved ones, we can understand why. However there has been unique instances where the adorable pups befriend the postal worker and actually becomes best friends. 

However, many UPS delivery drivers have made it their mission to show their neighbourhood dogs that they come in peace and love. A Facebook page and Instagram account called UPS Dogs shared tons of adorable photos and videos of adorable pups greeting their local UPS parcel carriers. The Facebook page description reads, “UPS drivers deliver packages all day long. During each day, drivers encounter many dogs, most friendly and some not so nice. When time permits, drivers snap a photo and send it to UPS Dogs.”

From mailmen cuddling bundles of puppies to drivers getting licked on the face, and some of the cutest dogs waiting patiently to receive a snack from their favourite mail man, each photo showcases how dogs can also be a mailman’s best friend.

Since the page first started in 2013, it has gained a huge audience and support of people who just can’t get enough of the cuteness.  “Our followers love the photos and the stories told as we share our love of these special relationships with these lovable creatures.”

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