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Nature and what ever comes with it is a magical and colourful creation which brings peace to the world. 

Architecture firm HQ Architects combined nature and architecture to create something new and unique to the streets of Jerusalem. The team developed a public installation that offers an artistic aesthetic to the environment through playfully responsive design calling it the Warde project. 

A set of  towering flower sculptures has been placed in Jerusalem's Vallero Square which is an urban area that's in poor condition. big enough to draw the gaze of the entire plaza. Designers wanted to work in harmony with the municipality, rather than fighting against the marketplace's metropolitan nature.

With than the team designed the giant gorgeous flowers to be motion-activated. When a pedestrian walks by or take a seat underneath the flower, the flower will bloom and give light.  “The urban space suddenly reacts to the people using it.” 

The flowers are not just only there for light in the dark but also provide shade from the hard sun to people walking by.  Once there is no more people moving past or near by the flower will close up and rest until the next flock of people come along so that it can bloom once more.

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