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Everyone using online dating knows that, with every request you accept, there is a risk. I mean, this person could be the one! But... they could also be a psychopath. Let's just be honest.

Luckily, most dating sites now have compatibility tests, which will recommend people who suit your interests and needs. 

But it also shows you who you WILL NOT match with – someone that you will probably hate.

One of the Try Guys, Zac, decides to figure out how accurate these compatibility tests are. After having a chat with one of the founders of the dating site, OkCupid, who discusses how effective their algorithm for matching members is, Zac starts his hunt for the worst match possible.

After a lot of dead ends or finding his worst match in online sex bots (no, really!), Zac eventually finds his ultimate (human) mismatch and engages in an online conversation.

Eventually, after clearly not seeing eye-to-eye from behind the screen, they decide to get together and see how things turn out.

After a few uncomfortable minutes, things start to take a turn for the better and the two end up having a great time together.

Ultimately they dispell the myth that, if you're not compatible because of certain opinions or lifestyle choices, then you'll never get along. Yes, of course, this may be the exception to the rule because of the nature of the experiment, but it does go to show the old adage of 'don't judge a book by its cover' could be sound advice after all!

Watch the video to see how THIS weird experiment goes!

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