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Thailand is well–known for its exciting and terrifying street food. It's not that the food too spicy but the food can literally crawl. Tarantulas, crickets, frogs and a host if insects are seen as a delicacy which is often cooked and sold on the streets.

These kinds of street foods attract daring tourists who are determined to fully experience this culture and dare to try something new. This husband and wife duo, Lek and Baitoey allow tourists to do just that. They serve deep–fried scorpions, tarantulas, caterpillars and worms. According to Lek, each bug has it's own unique taste and its not just a tourist stop, there are regular Thai customers who frequent the shop once a week to buy themselves a treat.

Now, you might actually have to warn someone when they have a tarantula leg caught in their teeth!

Would you try crickets or tarantulas? HAVE you tried either? Let us know in the comments below.

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