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Black Panther is the topic of many conversations around the world and, for those who haven't seen it, this is a bit of an FYI session. The movie is based on the Marvel comic and is set in a technologically renowned African country called "Wakanda", run by King T'Challa who is facing opposition from divisions within his own country. Two enemies plan to destroy Wakanda and the hero known as Black Panther teams up with C.I.A. agents and Wakanda special forces to save the country. Sounds like a standard Marvel movie so why has it created such a name for itself?

  1. African ladies are portrayed as fierce women, employed to protect their country and serve the king, moving away from the traditional supporting role that women usually fulfil. Many of the central characters in the film are females in positions of power.

  2. It's the first "mega-budget" movie directed by an African-American with a predominantly black cast.

  3. It portrays Africa as an advanced society, free of colonialism and racism.

  4. It boldly addresses economic, social and political topics.

  5. The music in the movie was created using African drums as the main sound to create an African atmosphere.

  6. South African actor, Atandwa Kani, plays the character of Young T’Chaka to his father and celebrated South African actor, John Kani’s, King T’Chaka.

  7. Michael B. Jordon plays the character of Erik Killmonger and had to sit in the makeup chair for two and a half hours each day to place 90 silicone moulds on his body and then have them painted to match his skin tone.

  8. The producers used over 25 000 feet of foam to model the set to emulate the rocks at the Oribi Gorge in South Africa.

With a score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, it's no wonder it has taken over social media!

Check out the official trailer below.

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