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Lewis Hamilton is cleaning up our beaches.

The F1 world champion, Lewis Hamilton, is taking a stand against plastic waste washing up on our beaches.

After seeing for himself the impact plastic and polystyrene purchases have made on our oceans and beaches, Hamilton couldn't stand by and do nothing, so he decided to to a litter clean up on the beach. If that doesn't melt your heart a little, Ladies, how about Lewis doing this all shirtless...?

Hamilton expresses his disgust in a Twitter video saying ""Okay guys, I'm here in this beautiful part of the world. We've found this trash space here. We've come to clean up. I just wanted you guys to see the impact you're having when you buy plastic and throw it away. This is where it goes. It's disgusting."

The F1 star is urging the public to stop supporting companies that are only concerned about profits rather than the environment, and he's far from wrong. If we take the simplistic issues into account, such as how polystyrene breaks up into little pieces which inevitably leaves marine life eating it, thereafter we pursue, catch and eat the very same marine life... it's a cycle that leads back to humans eating plastic too.

Most people are of course reacting positively to this kind, selfless deed, however, there are people who are questioning whether Lewis Hamilton, an F1 driver, has the right to lecture the general public when his sport is the opposite of eco-friendly. One twitter account holder suggested Lewis Hamilton start the movement at the track where plastic bottles are abundant at F1 races including in the driver's rooms. However, we have got to give kudos to Hamilton for stepping up to save the planet.

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