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The harsh reality is that cash-in-transit heists are a common occurrence in South Africa. While it’s a known fact that these drivers put their lives at risk every single day, we as the public don’t always get to see what happens when an attack on their vehicles happen.

And, we also don’t get to see what the drivers inside these vehicles have to go through in order to save their own lives.

Video footage of a dash camera inside one of these armoured vehicles has gone viral, showing how two South African guards try to get away from robbers with dozens of bullets pounding their vehicle.  

The driver, Leo Prinsloo, has been hailed a hero thanks to his balls of steel and mind-blowing extreme driving skills.

In the footage, you can see Leo noticing action in his side mirror as he looks at it repeatedly. Then, a few seconds later, you can hear the gunshots pounding the sides of the vehicle. Luckily, the windows are bulletproof as you can see Leo’s window shattering.

Leo then uses his mad driving skills to swerve left and right as he tries to avoid other cars on the highway in Pretoria, as well as the robbers’ cars who he seems to ram into at one stage. Based on the footage, it seems as if there was more than one car attacking them at the same time.

Suddenly the vehicle stops, and Leo gets out with a gun. And that’s where the video that’s been circulated on social media suddenly stops. Just like that. Talk about a sudden ending.

It’s been reported that, thanks to Leo, the robbers didn’t get any money.

Chuck Norris, we think you’ve found your match in Leo Prinsloo, buddy.

Watch the News24 video below to watch how Leo managed to foil the cash in transit heist.

Image credit: Techno Trenz

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