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Every year in Gloucester, England, a group of people, who are partly brave and partly mentally unwell, decide to run down a hill to chase a large wheel of cheese in the hope of winning it as a prize.

Well, the infamous Ozzie Man got hold of the clip and added his amazing-as-always commentary (see the video below), but there's more to this than just people running after cheese.


Sounds innocent enough right? You could not be more wrong! Authorities have attempted to shut down the cheese run many times but the people of Gouchester are determined that they will chase that cheese. Not only do the citizens of Glouchester join in on the tradition, it has become so famous that people from all over the world travel to England to take part in this somewhat strange ritual, some of the winners even come from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Nepal.

The first written evidence of cheese rolling is found from a message written to the Gloucester town messenger in 1826, but even that letter suggested that the tradition had gone on for quite some time. Every year, the event becomes more and more popular, with contestants coming from across the world to compete, or even simply to watch. The competition in 1993, resulted in fifteen people injured and four seriously injured.

In 2010, the organisers faced an outcry by the public after they announced a change in the way that the 2011 event would be run. The plans were made due to pressure from the public who specified that it should include security, perimeter fencing to allow crowd control, and spectator areas that would charge an entrance fee. The event has even caught the attention of paramedics who round up several ambulances each year to attend to those (generally all of them) who lose their balance and come down like a bowling ball. Young farmers have even volunteered to catch participants at the bottom of the hill.

You could kinda say that these people are... on a roll!

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