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Date: 2018-07-04




It's the 4th of July which means it's that time of the year to purge! The new Purge movie is in cinema's but, this time, the movie takes the audience all the way back to the beginning, hence its name, The First Purge.

For those who haven't watched any of the Purge movies, its based on the idea that the government launches an experiment of state-controlled chaos. Basically, it consists of a 12-hour zone of anything goes, in which the crimes you commit, from petty theft to brutal murder and torture, are all legal. Anyone who purges is not punished in any way for their crimes as long as they are committed within the 12-hour window.

The First Purge reveals that the idea of purging came from a government experiment among the poor and impoverished African American and Latino citizenry. They are encouraged to sign up for the “Purge” and be paid a minimum of $5000 for participating. The sinister goal behind the idea was that the government was setting the poor against the poor and rid America of those they consider undesirable.

A psychopath named Skeletor sporting a shaved head, a crazed grin, a set of African tribal scars, and the popping eyes of a zombie starts off the purge by killing a man at an ATM and stealing his money. The main story line focuses on a drug dealer called Dmitri who does not intend to hit the streets during the Purge. Soon though, an ex-girlfriend begs for his help after her younger brother, Isiah, bites off more than he can chew when he participates. The whole purge gets out of control at which point government troops and police move in and Dmitri rushes to help Isiah.

But the purgesforges on as Chief of Staff, Arlo Sabian, plans to start a race war. The movie comes with hints of political undertones from the "Black Lives Matter" movement and a bitter punch of reality as we see the similarities between The Purge and the current immigration crisis. 

Check out the trailer below.

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