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There's always one really bad roommate or family member that will finish the toilet paper and leave the empty roll there, causing the next person to grab blindly at it while a state of panic quickly takes over.

But now, people are moving away from toilet paper and towards the "Family Cloth", a reusable toilet paper. Yes, you read that correctly, you... wash... your... toilet paper... with your clothes... in the washing machine.

They even come in a whole lot of colourful patterns and, once you use it, you throw it into a laundry hamper to be washed every couple of days. Some people are doing it for the environment, others to save money, but we are still on the fence with this one.

Used wipes are tossed into a pail filled with vinegar, peroxide, or essential oils to take care of the smell and to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria. The family cloth website does a good job of trying to change peoples extremely negative views that may pop into their minds, for instance, here are some of the pros of this invention:

  • They’re reusable and eco-friendly
  • They can be made from old sheets and t-shirts, so no purchase is necessary
  • Using them reduces water waste/pollution from the paper industry
  • No trees get chopped down to create them
  • They can last for years before being replaced
  • They’re softer and more gentle on skin

And, like everything else, there are always cons:

  • There’s that gross factor, and it’s a significant one
  • Textural differences might be an issue (both clean and soiled)
  • If dropped in the bowl, they have to be fished out so they don’t clog anything
  • They need frequent laundering
  • Not all stains will disappear in the wash, so they’ll get manky-looking over time
  • Cross-contamination in case of yeast infections or illness if not washed properly

The jury is still out on this one folks! Check out the video below from someone who actually uses them... Would you try this out?

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