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Various pet owners have pointed out the similarities between their pet at them especially with dogs and their humans. An entire matching game has even been built on this premise. 

However, while many humans and their pups tend to look alike, we can’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance between some dogs and famous A-list celebs. Twitter user, Joaquim Campa decided to dedicate a series of photos to this topic. Campa’s Twitter thread highlight a variety of pup who has a striking resemblance to some famous Hollywood  faces. 

In a series of popular tweets Campa displays each special dog and names each dog’s doppelgänger. Once you see the names, you are unable to unseen the incredible resemble to their chosen celebrities. In one of the images Campa displays a cute Golden Retriever, who has a similar smirk to actor Harrison Ford, and a boxer boxer broods who incredibly has a very close resemblance to the one and only Samuel L. Jackson. 

Many of the dogs resemble male actors, however Campa did find some pups who has a striking resemblance to some famous females. One of the images shows a dog who has the long, flowing locks of Julia Roberts and a big smile on its face just like her.

See some more uncanny resemblances that will really surprised you. 

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