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You may not realise, but some famous people can do magic. Wes Barker reacts to videos of them performing tricks, and you may just be surprised at how good they are!

Wes Barker is a magician with a YouTube channel, where he shows off his skills with a chunk of humour. He performed stunts, tricks and magic on the streets of Vancouver and Toronto. Then, Covid-19 locked down Canada. Now, with social distancing still a thing, he's taken a momentary diversion from public displays and has focussed on a different sort of magic; celebrities.

Yup, that's right. Many celebrities out there dabble in the art of magic, and some of them are good!

In this episode, he reacts to video clips of famous people doing magic. The cast of characters is varied; from Dick van Dyke, an award-winning actor from the old-school, to a more recent celeb, Jonathan Scott from The Property Brothers.

You might be surprised to see Muhammad Ali on the list, but he was renown for his love of magic, and Joey Fatone from NSYNC also shows off his skills.

The best clip, though, must be with British actors Hugh Laurie from House, and Steven Fry from, well, a ton of films. They performed this trick on a television show decades ago, with a bucket-load of humour and conviction. It's terrific!

We won't give up the game, instead, smash that play button below and see for yourself as Wes Barker reacts to famous people doing magic tricks.

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