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We all know that famous people were just random people like us before they went on to become adored by fans across the globe.

It’s hard to imagine, but celebrities were actually part of ordinary people’s lives, and there are photos to prove it.

Scoop managed to track down photos of celebs before they were famous, along with the ordinary people they hung out with. Here are some of our favourites.

Imagine paging through your uncle’s yearbook and realising that the Michelle LaVaughn Robinson that he went to school with, went on to marry a guy called Barack. Does that name ring a bell? Michelle is now known as Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the United States. Back then, she was just plain old Michelle from next door.

One user was shocked to find out that their mom dated funny man Adam Sandler in high school and went to prom with him. Imagine seeing your mom’s prom photos and then realising that her date is now a famous comedian who has starred in many Hollywood blockbusters.

Your mom might have referred to an ex-boyfriend of hers as just Woody. At the Oscars they refer to him as Woody Harrelson – you know, the famous actor who starred in Natural Born Killers and The People Vs. Larry Flynt?  

You’d think brothers and sister tell each other everything, right? Especially if your sister dated Usher. Siblings, start sharing everything and anything, you never know.

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