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If that headline caught your attention and already got your mind spinning with a few questions, you're going to laugh at what we're about to tell you.

A woman in Maryland was seen having a massive argument on the front porch of her house. OK, we'll admit it might not be something strange, but what follows after the argument is what blew our minds.

The initial argument ended with a guy throwing water at the woman. Then, a second argument with another resident of the house followed. Are you still following because this is where it gets really messed up?

The woman, you know, the one involved in both arguments, then sets the house on fire, gets a lawn chair and a book out, and takes a seat in front of the house.

That's where the fire department found her when the neighbours reported the house was on fire. The woman just sat there, casually reading her book and every now and again she would look up at the house burning.

Bystanders managed to rescue one of the residents of the house as it the flames grew.

The 47-year-old woman who started the fire was arrested and it has since been revealed that she has mental health issues.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, watch the Inside Edition video below.

Image credit: TimesNow

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