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We as woman know that a good pair of leggings can go a very long way. And what more do we want then feeling comfortable while wearing them especially during a workout or adventure. 

One woman in particular put her new capri pants to a much tougher challenge, and went viral with her hilarious review. Back in 2020 the American woman only identified as Cory H., shared a hilarious review for the $13.99 leggings on Amazon. However the hilarious review resurfaced this year and went viral once again after a fellow shopper shared it on Twitter

In the review Cory admitted that she was too scared to walk the steep side of a mountain, so instead she decided to slip and slide to the bottom on her belly and bum. She also shares two pictures of her sliding down and laying against a rock. One of the snap shows her sliding face down, while another shows her rolling on her back. But, the adventurer was indeed very impressed that the leggings hadn't ripped during her challenging adventure and planned on buying them in every colour. 

Cory gave the leggings a five-star rating and titled her review 'Order them now.' “Can I just say that I will be reordering them in every colour. Here is me rolling and sliding down a mountain because I was too scared to get up. My leggings did not rip not even a little bit and I got stuck on rocks and trees,” she added. 

People all over thought that Cory’s review was hilarious, and that she deserved a life-supply of leggings, due to the amazing advertisement she had provided for the brand. 

15,326 people found Cory's review helpful, and several people commented that they bought the pair just after seeing the hilarious review.

One person said, “I bought these leggings after seeing this review. They are amazing,” while another added, “I really hope the company gave her free leggings for life for that kind of solid endorsement. Bc how can you not be sold when you read that.”

"The pic with her lying there with her face in the rocks is what really sell these leggings for me. I'll be buying in every colour as well,” one said. 

“What a public service this review is. Not all heroes may wear capes, but most of them do wear leggings,” one joked. 

“This is the greatest testimony for leggings I’ve ever seen. Can I please hang out with this person,” one said. 

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