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Even during times of war, soldiers need to find a way to stay sane and calm, even if that meant becoming an artist.

A soldier in World War II, Victor Lundy, drew what he experienced in the war at 21-years-old. Lundy's drawings provide a breathtaking visual record of World War II in the form of documentary sketches. His drawings reveal an intimate archive of one soldier's experience fighting on the front line. As Lundy describes it, "drawing is sort of synonymous with thinking".

Back in the day, Lundy was studying architecture in New York City. At that time, he was enthralled with the idea of rebuilding a post-war Europe, which led to him enrolling in the Army Special Training Program. By 1944, the Army required more reinforcements, which led to young Lundy being thrown into the infantry.

However, even after that sudden turn of events, Lundy was still encouraged to continue his creativity and passion for drawing. The 92-year-old Lundy recalls how he was always unable to listen during lectures, admitting that "I was busy sketching".

He continued to sketch in his pocket-sized notebook while he was in the infantry. His drawings were created between May and November 1944, which was also the time Lundy was wounded. 

The sketches show the time of his initial training in Fort Jackson to the front lines in France. 

The vivid images show everything, from air raids to craps games for cigarettes. As one would expect of a soldier at war, a sense of longing for home is a recurring theme in his sketches. 

These include detailed drawings of his bunk and, particularly, a dream-like illustration titled 
Home Sweet Home that shows a soldier lounging on a hammock.

After the war, Lundy went on to have an acclaimed architecture career. In 2009, he donated his eight sketchbooks to the Library of Congress, which have all been digitally archived and are now available for viewing online.

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