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This June was a historic time for skateboarding. Not only has it been 24 years since the legendary Tony Hawk performed a 900-degree skateboard trick, or two and a half spins in the air, but this month  a new star emerged in the sport. Arisa True, a 13-year-old Australian, was competing in the Hawk's Vert Alert competition in Salt Lake City when she performed a spectacular 720 (two full spins in the air), becoming the first  skateboarder to ever perform the trick.

The 720 was first performed  by Hawke himself in 1985. Before entering the ramp, Trew took advice from an American athlete. The video of her performing the stunt was also the first time she successfully pulled it off. In the end, Tru won the Vert Alert Women's Finals and took home a portion of the $75,000 total prize.  

Vert Alert is a vertical (upright) skateboarding competition that requires the use of a ramp or halfpipe. It was introduced by Tony Hawk three years ago after ESPN eliminated the female vert. The Hawk event now serves as a qualifier for the annual X Games in California, which features both men and women. "I'm just trying to give skateboarding more space and  voice in the skateboarding world," says Hawke. And that is exactly what this event is. Obviously, with her amazing track record, Tru is already making the most of the platform  and we look forward to seeing what she does next.

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