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Spoil your fur babies with these 11 smart gadgets for pets!

You can't always be around for your pets, whether you're off to work or bed-ridden with the flu, but that shouldn't mean they can't be looked after nicely. These 11 smart gadgets for your pets will help.

1) Animo

Animo is like a smartwatch for dogs. It's sold as "the lifelong activity tracker and behaviour monitor for dogs". It's a small device that attaches to their collar and "learns and interprets the unique activity behaviour patters of your dog." This includes how many calories it's burned and how well it's slept. It even sets daily goals for your dog and delivers all the information to an app on your smart device.

2) Sure Flap

As the title suggests, this is a door for your pets. They come in a range of sizes and connect to an app on your smartphone. It notifies you when the animal enters or leaves the door, can be locked or unlocked remotely, and can be programmed via a timer to lock and unlock at certain times. It is operated via a tag on their collar, so you won't have any unwanted guests.

3) Sure Feed Smart System

This device can be programmed to prevent your pet from over-eating or, if you have multiple animals, to prevent them from stealing each others food. It also monitors your pets food intake and will warn you if the pet is under-eating. It is also operated via a collar tag and delivers information directly to your smartphone.

4) PetWALK

This is another pet flap, but this one is developed by a security company and has its own alarm system. It comes with security cameras and notifies you when your pet is at the door. You can also set a schedule for it to operate automatically when the chip on your pet is detected, and you can manage it remotely via an app. It is insulated and burglar-proof and comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate for large dogs.

5) iFetch and iFetch Frenzy

Are you often out of the house or just tired of throwing a ball for your dog? These two devices work similarly to an automatic baseball pitcher. All you have to do is teach your dog to drop the ball into the top and Brutus can occupy himself for hours. It's indoor-friendly too, so you don't have to worry about damaging furniture.

6) Foobler

According to the manufacturer, the Foobler can keep your dog busy for up to nine hours! Basically, it's a ball that contains treats. The dog needs to solve one of six puzzles by spinning it to receive a biscuit, and you can preset the device to release the feasts at intervals ranging from 15 to 90 minutes. When it's ready to dispense, it'll attract Butch by ringing a bell.

7) Clever Pet Hub

This is another puzzle device that rewards your dog with treats. The device is made up of dozens of colour-based puzzles designed by cognitive scientists to "realise your pet's full potential." It's marketed as "the world's first game console for dogs", and comes with three touchpads that change colour. It comes with different levels of difficulty, so each time Misty masters a challenge, she levels-up. Pretty neat!

8) PetChatz

Yet another automatic food dispenser for pets when their human is on the go. This device comes with a camera, microphone and screen that connects to a smartphone so the dog and it's human can communicate with each other. It will dispense a treat at the touch of a button and allows the pet to contact the owner, so expect a lot of communication when Pepper is in the mood for a treat.

9) Ebo Catpal

This is an invention to save cats from boredom. It's a ball-shaped robot with a laser pointer and a slot for a feather or piece of material. It can be programmed to automatically drive itself around the room or be controlled remotely from a smartphone and has sensors to prevent it from smashing into things. It's hardy and built for the cat to swat around, it comes with a camera so the owner can see the cat, record videos and take pictures too. It comes with a recharging stand for when it's not in use.

10) ViviPet OMI

This is a water purification device that keeps your pet's water clean and free of germs. It uses UV-C light to remove 99% of parasites and bacteria, has sensors that warn you when to change water or fill it up and will carry up to two litres.

11) Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs

This is still in development, but Nissan has seen the need to accommodate humans that have dogs who travel. Whether this is on long distances or to a park, the X-Trail is fitted with a dog-friendly boot. It has easy-to-clean surfaces, spill-proof food and water bowls and a convenient pull-out ramp so the dogs can get in and out effortlessly. It also comes with a shower hose and blow-dryer so you can clean your dog after a fun day rolling in the mud.

And there you have it, 11 smart gadgets for your pets. Modern technology is making looking after a pet a breeze, so now dad doesn't have any excuses to not allow pets in the house!

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