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Here are 20 times that actors got injured making movies that you can actually see in the final cut.

Although special effects play a huge part in movie magic, live-action stunts are still more realistic. But, that can place the actors in danger of injury or worse.

In the video below by WatchMojo.com on YouTube, we see 20 instances of actors getting injured while filming scenes. And, now that we know, it makes those scenes even better.

For instance, while making Mission Impossible: Fallout, our protagonist, Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise, jumps between two buildings. As most of us already know, Cruise does most of the stunts himself, which is already nuts, but volunteering to make this jump is insane.

Unfortunately for the legendary performer, he broke his ankle on impact. Not wanting to ruin the shot, Cruise pulls himself up onto the roof, clearly in pain, and runs off camera to complete the scene.

It took seven weeks to heal but, once back, Cruise carried on performing his own stunts.

Another top performance with a real injury is during Django Unchained when Leonardo DiCaprio smashes a glass with his hand during a heated scene in a dining room. Once again, this dedicated actor refused to end filming for medical attention, instead, improvising, and using the bloody hand to brilliant effect.

Others include near-drownings, broken bones, swordplay close calls and Jackie chan. Let's not forget director, Quentin Tarantino, choking out Dianne Kruger in Inglorious Basterds and the waxing scene with Steve Carell in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

It's all in here, it's fascinating, and it'll make you appreciate these movie scenes, even more, knowing that these actors put themselves in danger for our amusement.

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