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Adorable 50-year-old Goffin’s cockatoo named Grumpy, doesn’t let size get in the way of who the man of the house is. According to Grumpy, he has fulfil that title. 

Grumpy was adopted by his human, Linda back in 1988, when her brother who breeder with birds decided to part ways. It took quite a while for Grumpy to get comfortable around humans, however, Linda persisted and eventually, Grumpy felt safe. Since then Grumpy has been the baby in the house, and later took his role as the second man of the house.

“After seven years I had a baby and I couldn’t give him very much time. …he finally let my husband touch him and that’s after seven years. Now when I go away he will let my husband handle him when I’m at home, I’m his first choice. …My son is now 23 years old. He tries to drive my son out of the house, He’ll try to swoop him and he’ll scream at him. Sometimes he flies at my husband but we understand that he’s a wild animal we still love him.”

Grumpy has a deep love for flying, and his beloved humans allows him to venture and fly around the house. “Grumpy is in his 50’s. He loves his flying. His flying has a major impact on his heart health and longevity. According to one source, his expected life expectancy is 26 years. So is Grumpy doing well for an old guy?”

But, not only does he protect his family like the man of the house should over the year. Grumpy developed the skill to bark just like a dog.

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