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On April 8, people in North America as a whole will be able to witness a solar eclipse. A few who are even more fortunate will be able to witness a total solar eclipse, which experts have dubbed the Great American Solar Eclipse. Apart from the breathtaking sight of the eclipse, photographs taken before the event might reveal a meteor that stretches several miles. Better yet, the meteor might be visible to the unaided eye if it bursts before the sun completely covers it.

The comet, known as Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks (12P), is roughly the size of a city at 10.5 miles in width. The comet was given the demonic moniker "devil comet" because of its early eruptions, which saw it spew gas and dust in the shape of horns. (Some made light of the comet's remarkable resemblance to the Star Wars character Millenium Falcon, though it's possible that this moniker was protected by copyright.)

The "devil comet" is not a threat, despite its menacing name. It makes one orbit around the sun every 71.2 years, but even at that distance, it is still farther away than our sun and does not pose a threat to Earth. Rather, a unique phenomenon is in store for stargazers, as the comet emits a stunning green light.

Purchasing official eclipse glasses is advised for those hoping to witness the eclipse and see the "devil comet," as staring directly at the sun during the astronomical event may cause irreversible eye damage. It's crucial to keep in mind that during an eclipse, the sun is only safe to look at when it reaches its "totality," or when it is completely obscured. 

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