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Celebrities can display their best red carpet looks at award shows. Their one-of-a-kind designer ensembles can influence popular fashion for many years to come, and they have. But British actress and television presenter Hannah Waddingham chose to bring a purse unlike any other to the Screen Actors Guild Awards, defying fashion trends.

A well-known company did not create the distinctive clutch. Rather, her daughter Kitty, who is nine years old, made the accessory. Waddingham said, "My daughter wanted to contribute," in response to a question regarding the creative clutch. Waddingham wore an elegant and understated ensemble for the remainder of the evening. Her red velvet off-the-shoulder dress and multiple pieces of Norman Silverman jewellery matched the purse she held so proudly in her hand as she walked the red carpet.

Made entirely of cardboard, the unique clutch featured crayon drawings in every colour of the rainbow. On the inner closure flap of the personalised handbag, the word "Epic" was written in an inspirational manner. 

The clutch was demonstrated to be a useful component of Waddingham's attire despite the basic materials used to make it. The proud mother flaunted it on the red carpet, noting the spacious storage space as well. Waddingham was told, "Mummy, it goes with everything and nothing, like you say," by Kitty, who also expressed her opinion. Her daughter might actually have a future in fashion design if she continues on this path. The Ted Lasso star declared, "This is all great but this [being a mom] is the most important," at the end of the night, despite the glitter and glamour. 

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