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The Kingsway Exchange Tunnels are a mile-long network of tunnels that were built beneath Central London during the 1940s. Covering an area of 8,000 square miles and with a diameter of 7.6 meters, these underground passageways were built to keep Londoners safe during the Blitz of World War II. Following that, the Kingsway Exchange Tunnels continued to be used for various covert operations. These included housing the covert "hot line" between Moscow and Washington during the Cold War and serving as a base for the Special Operations Executive, an MI6 offshoot that provided inspiration for Ian Fleming's James Bond novels "Q Branch."

This piece of history, which has been hidden for 70 years, may soon be open for tours in London. A proposed project called the London Tunnels would make the Kingsway Exchange a popular tourist destination. The UK-based architectural firm WilkinsonEyre will be leading a $268 million renovation of this system of hidden passageways.

According to the official statement, "the proposal will adaptively reuse the tunnels to host a series of experiences exploring their history, nature, science, and the arts."

Although the contents of the renovated tunnels are still being planned, it is most likely that a variety of historical exhibits devoted to the various roles played by the tunnels will be included. Furthermore, it is highly probable that the project will revive London's “deepest licensed bar” from the era of the Kingsway Exchange, which included recreational amenities like snooker tables and faux windows.

The Official Secrets Act of the British Government was the reason behind the Kingsway Exchange's prolonged public concealment. The first transatlantic telephone cable, known as TAT1, was put into service after the tunnels were extended during the Cold War and assisted in acting as a covert phone exchange between Washington and Moscow. Even though the 1980s saw the end of telecommunications technology, the majority of this apparatus will be kept on hand for educational purposes and possibly as historical exhibits within the tunnels.

"These secret spaces present the opportunity to tell extraordinary stories that helped shape the 20th century, alongside awe-inspiring digital immersive experiences," says Paul Baker, Director at WilkinsonEyre. 

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