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Which animal species are native to your area, do you know? A visually stunning and educational pictorial map has been created by artist Anton Thomas. This large-scale work, titled Wild World, took three years to complete and was hand-drawn using coloured pencil and pen. 

There are 1,642 different species on this map, spanning all seven continents and the oceans that separate them, from Australian kangaroos to American bison. "I wanted to show our world from a perspective that isn't typically ours. A viewpoint that honours the wonders of nature, the untamed creatures with whom we coexist, and the ecosystems that sustain such a diversity of life," Thomas stated to a media outlet.

"If done correctly, I thought a map like this would encourage wonder and a love of the earth and its natural resources. In addition to being a top-notch teaching tool."

Thomas used a Natural Earth projection as a template to make sure the map's general layout was accurate. He began by sketching the general contours of the rivers, mountain ranges, and coasts before gradually adding his own creative touches. "I decided on three parameters that eventually shaped the map's philosophy."

According to Thomas, every animal on Wild World is: 1) wild; 2) native; and 3) existing—not extinct. "Only natural biomes—pristine habitats devoid of tamed or introduced species—are invoked by wild and native animals."

This map, in contrast to many others, emphasises the stunning diversity of nature, which is what makes our planet unique, rather than national borders and city streets. Thomas wanted Wild World to portray our world as it is now, one that we must preserve, so he limited his illustrations to depictions of living things. "Although it presents an idealised picture of Earth, it doesn't depict anything that isn't real," he states. This map should demonstrate how wild our world still is, how much needs to be protected, and to arouse curiosity and hope in viewers. 

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