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The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy started to lean almost immediately, according to Grady Hillhouse of Practical Engineering, who examined the tower's history. The site saw a few wars as well as the passage of time, which resulted in a greater lean of the period. Before the tower collapsed in 1990, engineers, architects, and historians realised they needed to address the lean. 

That famous tilt increased over the roughly six centuries from the tower's construction to the present, to the point where the public was prevented from entering the tower in 1990 due to concerns that it was about to collapse. To decide how to permanently fix the structure, the Italian government assembled a committee comprising engineers, architects, and specialists in historical restoration.

By lowering that lean, the engineers were incredibly resourceful and persistent, utilising every tool in their professional toolbox to keep the tower afloat.

In the end, they had three suggestions for preserving the tower. The first task involved extracting groundwater from the sand beneath the tower's north face. A different concept was electroosmosis. The soil was found to be excessively conductive. and the procedure was essentially rendered useless by all the additional consequences of combining electricity with saturated soil. Thus, under-excavation was the committee's final remaining option. They could simply remove some of the soil if they were unable to get it to solidify beneath the tower.

In the end, the under-excavation strategy proved successful, and the innovative methods are still in use today. The goal was not to have the tower perfectly straight, but rather to keep its lean from endangering the public. Keeping the distinctive lean helped the building stay connected to its rich past.

Naturally, they did not completely straighten it. Not only is the lean an intriguing anomaly, but it also contributes significantly to the tower's historical identity. That's a major factor in our concern. Since tilting is ingrained in Campanile DNA, the stabilisation project merely carried on an 850-year-old process. In contrast to the millions of pictures in which tourists pose holding the tower aloft, the engineers, contractors, and restoration specialists actually succeeded in doing so (at least for the ensuing few centuries). 

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