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Meteorites are fascinating objects that survive their fall through the atmosphere and crash into Earth. They may contain elements not present on Earth, they may contain clues about the beginnings of life, and they may even have monetary value. Since ancient times, people have recognised their value and unique mystique. For instance, a dagger made of iron that originated from a meteorite and had roots in space was discovered in the Egyptian tomb of King Tutankhamun.

It is most likely from these accidental falls that humanity first learned to work iron. Two ironwork pieces found inside the amazing Treasure of Villena are among the intriguing ancient artefacts of the sky. The 3,000-year-old artefacts, found in Spain, demonstrate a long-cherished link between Earth and the heavens. 

In Villena, Spain, gravel excavations in 1963 uncovered a gold bracelet. Soon after, archaeologist José María Soler García discovered a treasure trove of gold objects inside a boat. There were an astounding sixty-six gold and silver pieces in the treasure. They consist of elaborate bowls, bracelets, and other objects, some of which are more enigmatic than others. Sword pommel is one example of an object. It has a metal pin and a spherical design with a star-like pattern. This item is intriguing due to its content as well. It is a gold-sheathed iron. In the meantime, there is an iron bangle among the gold ones.

These things are a bit of a mystery. About 3,000 years ago, during the Bronze Age, the hoard was made. Iron smelting as a technology would not have made it to Spain at the time. So how did these products get to be made? It turns out that they are most likely made of iron found in meteorites. 

Testing techniques were used in a recent study to determine the iron's nickel content. This suggests that they are extraterrestrial in origin because they are elevated. A similar "space" signature can be produced by elements like cobalt, which was also looked for using mass spectrometry. All things considered, there is a good chance that the spherical object and the Villena bracelet are made of iron that fell from space. 

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