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When a practical joke goes incredibly wrong, everyone wants to congratulate the genius who thought it all out. However, occasionally, you might be taken aback by the true person controlling the strings. In a video that Jolee Windnagle (@jonichole84) uploaded to TikTok, numerous fathers are seen attending their children's eighth-grade graduation while sporting the exact same purple t-shirt. Many were left scratching their heads at the success of this prank. Was the idea from the dads? Were the children involved?

This video is a part of the "same shirt prank" trend on TikTok. Although many believed the fathers were behind this hilarious fashion faux pas to make their children smile, their puzzled expressions show they are unaware of it.

Several people have theorised that wives and mothers came up with the plan, which is the correct answer.

The mothers decided to play the ultimate practical joke on each other, knowing that their partners would wear whatever they suggested. The moms of this eighth-grade class persuaded over forty dads to fall for the enticing bait and show up dressed in matching outfits, while most people who have attempted this trendy trick have only been able to get maybe two, five, or ten guys to wear the same shirt.

The first thing we see in the video is Windgale's husband Wayne entering the school. Families fill the venue with a sea of purple as the video goes on. Every dad gradually starts to notice that something is wrong. The reactions range from shy smiles to blank stares to outright bewilderment. The dads eventually realise they've been a part of a sophisticated joke and are beaming. After engaging in some friendly conversation, they all took a group photo, smiling and holding their matching shirts with pride.

Many people who have seen the video consider the same shirt prank to be the epitome of what a joke should be: lighthearted, enjoyable, and something that everyone can take part in (even the one being pranked). It was aptly stated by one Redditor: "Confuse, don't abuse." "Getting a bunch of people to wear the same shirt is a wayyyy better prank than what most people call pranks in videos," exclaimed someone else, appreciating the sweet simplicity of the stunt. 

In an attempt to obtain clarification on the execution of the prank, Windnagle—whose daughter was graduating on that day—produced an additional video detailing the prank's history. She says, "I thought I would try it because I had been seeing a lot of the same prank shirts a week before the graduation." "I proceeded to message several moms of eighth graders on Facebook, describing the TikTok I had come across and asking if they would be interested in trying it with me. We would have a larger group because they invited many of the mothers they knew.

Getting the shirts on time was crucial because there was less than a week left. "It was simple and we ended up with about 40 to 50 dads, so I added a link to the shirt that you just saw from Amazon," the woman says. They were all, I don't know, shocked, surprised, and maybe even a little angry. However, it was a lot of fun for the dads, us, and the kids. She is grateful that so many families from her small town came together, as she never imagined that so many would participate. "I believe it merely contributed to everyone's memory of the eighth-grade promotion," she says. "The children will recall it." 

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