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A kayaker was, ironically, on a GoPro funded kayaking trip off the coast of New Zealand when a seal jumped out of the water an 'threw an octopus' into the kayakers face.

Yup, this really happened! The kayaker's name is Kyle Mulinder and he says his trip was part of a launch event for the GoPro HERO7 camera. Kyle says he was just as stunned as he looked at the video and, when asked by a publication what was going through his mind, he said, "I was like, 'mate, what just happened?"

According to Rochelle Constantine, who is an associate professor at the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Auckland, the reason behind the bizarre encounter isn't a happy one. She says seals rip the tentacle off the octopus with the force of a throw, " I have seen seals doing this before, it's not an unusual sight but normally there isn't a person in the way," she wrote. "Often we see (seals) swallowing the tentacle at the surface like a large strand of spaghetti.

"It's a good meal, especially when they get a large octopus as shown in this footage," she adds.

Of course, GoPro took the opportunity to share the video on their social media where it's been views thousands of times.

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