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Everyone’s favourite golf movie has just celebrated a big milestone. We were shocked to find out that it’s been 25 years since Happy Gilmore was released… are we giving away our age here? It’s everyone’s favourite golf movies, right?

In the movie, Adam Sandler plays the role of Happy Gilmore – an average guy who just happens to have a magic golf shot. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Adam Sandler posted a video of himself hitting a typical Happy Gilmore shot at a golf course.

He explained that it was the first time since the movie that he’s taken that shot.

The video went viral and soon caught the eye of Shooter McGavin, played by Christoper McDonald in the movie.

Shooter is Happy’s competition and the reigning champ. When Happy shows up and threatens to take away Shooter’s trophy and coveted green jacket, hilarity ensues in typical Sandler slapstick comedy fashion.

In real life though, the two are good mates, and McDonald even took on Gilmore’s challenge by posting a video of himself putting with some of our favourite lines from the movie.

Watch the Joseph Morris video below to see how the two onscreen rivals celebrated the 25th anniversary of the release of Happy Gilmore.

Image credit: US Weekly

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