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Have you ever seen an albino turtle? You might have seen albino or leucistic whalespenguinsgiraffes, and tigers, but what about and adorable turtle with their red eyes and orange-tinged skin and shell?

To give you a more clear picture, Super Mario Brothers fans stated that they almost look like Koopa Paratroopas and are totally adorable. However, it is not all sunshine and roses for these poor fellas as their unique appearance, as with all albino animals, leaves them incredibly vulnerable for predators.

Without their natural camouflage which is provided by their normal colour and pigmentation, albino turtles are much more susceptible to predators which mean that their lifespan tend to be much shorter. This makes this amazing creatures even more rare.. Despite this genetic disadvantage, turtles are lucky in the spectrum of albino animals. Even though their life is still shorter than a standard turtle, with the protection provided by their hard shell, albino turtles typically live longer than other albino species. 

But for turtles, albinism is often different than in humans or even birds. Reptiles usually still have one pigment present which will either appear red or yellow than the normal white. 

To be more accurate, these reptiles should actually be called amelanistic because melanin is the pigment that they lack. Just as in albinism, the lack of pigment affects all areas of the body including the irises of the eye. However, this is not to say that no turtles are white from albinism, it is just more rare than usual. Even one of the most turtle species, Sulcata turtles who are most likely to be albino, will never be completely white.

Albino turtles are so rare, and so beautiful, and they tend to go viral online. Several years ago an albino pinkbelly sideneck turtle was born named Hope, with her heart beating outside of her body. She soon became an online sensation and continues to thrive thanks to the care of her owner.

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