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Bears are notorious for taking a lot of naps. During the winter, they hibernate which is a deep sleep, napping away in their cozy spot all day and night. Like cats, they  sometimes find unusual resting places. Recently, U.S. researchers from the  Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) discovered an unusual location for a black bear  curled up inside a giant bald eagle's nest in Alaska. These photos provide valuable insight into large predators. There are many species of Asian black bears (Ursus americanus), all of which are adorable omnivores. These bears like to sleep on hillsides in beds built for convenience and safety. But  Alaskan bears have found a unique place.

Researchers, including FWS wildlife biologist Stephen B. Lewis,  surveyed the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER)  in southern Alaska to observe another species, the bald eagle. Their nests are large, about eight feet wide and weigh about two tons, and can be seen from the air. But the feathered giant did not occupy the nest.

Instead, a black bear curled up and in deep sleep was spotted inside.  As charming as this fairy tale page may be, it is often  bad news for young eagles in their nests. "In the past, some eagle nests have been predated by Asian black bears, with predictably bad consequences for  nesting eagles," FWS said on Facebook. Bears sometimes eat eggs and chicks, but in this case they probably aren't to blame for furry visitors. Researchers had previously found female eagles nesting within the nest, but after a week  the nest appeared to have "failed." The mother eagle has stopped breeding, and so has her partner male eagle. This suggests that natural processes killed the eggs' chances before the bears arrived. "We don't (can't) spend that much time watching what's going on, or have cameras to watch it, so it's hard to say how many bears are in the hole. It's hard," Lewis told his Live Science.com. Perhaps lured by the smell of rotting feed that the parent fed  the cubs, the bears must have found the perfect spot for a nap.

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