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Taking a shopping cart back to its stand after shopping is somewhat an inconvenience to shoppers. Be honest, how many times have you yourself left the cart at the parking lot, not wanting to walk all the way to take it back? 

It is quite ironic as the distance to walk is not a marathon, however, it does sometimes feel like it. 

In unmistakable BBC documentary style, New Zealand anti-artist Jack Carden advocated the moral ethics of returning  grocery carts that were dramatically pushed over a variety of difficult terrain. 

“The shopping cart is the ultimate litmus test of  a human being's ability to govern himself. Returning a shopping cart is a simple and convenient task that is considered right and proper. It's not illegal, so shopping carts represent the best example of how people do the right thing without being forced." 

Carden explained that this is no easy video. "Pushing a shopping cart up a hill turned out to be  the biggest challenge imaginable."

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