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Gladys Ingle, who was the only woman member of the 13 Flying Black Cats, had no fear when it came to heights. Loving heights from a very young age, she even attempted to build her own tall stilts, which was according to a statement she made, so tall that she had to mount them from her roof. 

She began performing jumps from balloons for the C.P.O. Aerial Circus in 1921. By 1922 she had begun doing stunts involving airplanes. Through her performances in the 1920s and 1930s, she became world-renowned for her aerobatics and wing walking.

One of her stunts included her shooting arrows at targets while wing walking. When asked if she ever got scared, she said, "Nothing to it at all, nothing to it." 

Another stunt, which is definitely not for the faint of heart, was performed in 1926, where Gladys climbed from one plane to another plane to assist in changing a faulty tire while mid-air. However, the trick is that she did this without any parachute or any safety gear. During her career, Gladys made more than 300 plane changes without a slip. 

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