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Mother's Day events are fun, but they can also feel alienating if you don't have a mother. Determined not to miss his daughter's celebration, loving single father Joe Rukhphonbody had an idea. If he needs a mother, he just turns into a mother. So he got a wig and  dress and, much to her delight, showed up at her adopted son's Mother's Day reunion. Mother's Day is celebrated on August 12th in Thailand, where Ms. Luc Huong Bodhi lives. On this day, local schools hold a special ceremony in which students kneel before their mothers and offer jasmine flowers.

The proud father, also known as "Teacher Joe", works as a sports teacher. He is a teacher at the  school his daughter Non Cream attends. "If the school organises an event for Mother's Day, I don't want my child to feel inferior," Jo told Bangkok Biz News. “Personally, I am not ashamed because I love my child.” 

Lookphonbodee posted a video of their Mother's Day event. In it he wears a plaid dress and  a long wig with bangs. She was then greeted with a warm hug and a happy expression on her face as she was held in her father's arms. Her father captioned the video, "Mom I can be for you hahaha", so if the video is any indication, he definitely delivered it. . 

Thanks to LookFonbody's efforts, what might have been a difficult day turned into a beautiful memory that will be remembered forever for both of them. "Don't be ashamed. This Mother's Day, I want to say I love my dad," Nong Kreaam said. "Dad, thank you for raising me and making me happy."

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