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Little Luna was adopted by her new forever family in September 2019. Since then she has been very protective of her people and loves to follow them everywhere, literally everywhere. 

Heather Lucier, Luna’s mother explained, “She loves going for walks with us. She’ll lead the way and make sure we are going the way she wants us to regularly! It's really cute and people around the neighborhood tell me it's the cutest thing they've ever seen … She used to follow us to pick up the kids' free school lunches back in 2020, following us across the street and to the other side of the school to, I'd like to think, make sure we were OK and coming home again since we'd been home with her for months.”

Now that Luna’s human siblings are back at school, which is right around the corner from where they live, Luna loves to walk them there whenever she can. It has become a regular thing that everyone at the school even now recognises adorable Luna. However, it’s never been a problem when Luna walked her sibling to school until she decided the she wants a little more. It wasn’t until one day when little Luna decided that instead of just walking them to school, she also wants to join them in class. 

Little Luna began trying to sneak into the school, but seeing that she left a mark on everyone, her plan was quickly ruined when the school called her mom.

“When I realised it was the front office, I freaked out, thinking one of my kids was injured or sick. Thankfully they called to say, ‘While I love Luna and have no problem with her hanging out … she's trying to follow people into the school.’ I apologised repeatedly before literally throwing on a jacket and running over to get Luna before she got herself in any real trouble! I do appreciate the fact that the person who called was laughing and told me that Luna was so sweet and not a problem … other than trying to sneak into the school.”

Luna’s mother quickly rushed over to the school and when she arrived, Luna pretended like nothing out of the ordinary had happened at all. “I was a bit away from the main doors she was trying to sneak through when I called, ‘LUNA!’ and who came running? Luna, meowing happily with her tail up in excitement as she pranced across the grass to me.”

Lucier lured Lina back home with a promise of a snack, and seeing that Luna knew she has been caught and wouldn’t get in she went along. “My son laughed while saying he wished she'd come to his class because his class has a board of class pets, and it'd be cool to just bring Luna into the classroom because that was so much cooler than a picture.”

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