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One day, a sweet stray dog named  Botella showed up at the Arauco Maipú shopping mall in Chile. Since then the sweet pup has claimed the shopping mall his new home and never left.

No one knows where the pup came from. All though Botella may have started off without a friend in the world, things has since changed for the good. 

One mall shopper Silvana Katalina, first spotted Botella last year and was immediately struck by sweet pups obsession with toys and how loving he is. She explained, “He never parts from his little ball. He is very tender and loves to be pet.” But it’s what Boletta does with the ball that’s most impressive of all.

Botella has cleverly invented his very own game. In his game he has employed an escalator to convince strangers to play games of fetch. The pup has proven that he is an expert in making new friends. Not only does customers enjoy his loving interaction with them, staff and security at the mall see to it that he stays happy and healthy. 

Another shopper who had the pleasure to have met Botella, Fernanda Pérez said, “He is fed and cared for. He looks very happy.”

And according to a little detail, seeing that he has a huge love for balls, the staff makes sure to look the other way when his toy is due to be replaced. 

Botella may be a stray dog with, perhaps, a sad and lonely past however, thanks to open hearts of the the staff and customers, Botella now has a lot of friends who so readily embraces him. 

Watch the adorable video of Botella playing fetch in the shopping mall. https://www.tiktok.com/@donramonzzera/video/7118942038095138054

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