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The Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’, has been creating a huge storm on the internet, with various of characters being pointed out as the internets favourite. One of them being the character Eddie Munson. 

One supporter, environmental Artist Stan Herd, showed his support for the character by creating a wonderfully one acre detailed earthwork tribute crop circle in a grassy field “somewhere in Indiana”. The mural showcases the character dressed in his iconic “Hellfire Club” t-shirt. The phrase underneath reads “Eddie Munson 4 Ever”.

Herd has created previous works of art which appeared across the United States and around the world. The common thread behind each of them is the “human condition”.

It was revealed in a statement, “Herd has embraced this community driven art form to bring attention to a multitude of issues showcasing the environment, science, sustainable agriculture and the humanities which all connect on a common theme regarding the ‘human condition’ in the world today.”

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