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We all have lived through the experience of not having an umbrella, and either having to stand in the rain and wait, or run to the closest cover. Those who have had the privilege of remembering to pack the simple thing as an umbrella, might have found that it comes in handy from time to time. But, we cannot deny that a normal umbrella isn’t quite the most practical thing to use when the wind starts picking up. Not even to mention trying to hold up the umbrella while balancing your handbag or briefcase and maybe also groceries in your hands. But what if there was a magnificent solution to all these problems?

A solution that will make rainy days an easy breeze to walk in. Meet engineer Sergii Gordieiev of The Q, who has invented and created a very unique hands-free wearable umbrella. Gordieiev constructed this invention out of waterproof PVC plastic. He simply cut the pieces of plastic and glued them to the armholes in a progressive overlapping fan that was strung together to prevent separation. After completing the prototype, Gordieiev  took his invention out for a spin on a rainy day. “I’d like to show you prototype of hands free umbrella made out of PVC plastic. It might need some modifications but it works [sic] and looks futuristic.”

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