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Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows that pregnancy is not an easy time. This is not just true for humans. An orangutan named Eileen at the Denver Zoo suffered from her first pregnancy and also suffered from morning sickness. Luckily, her quick-witted zookeeper had a tool to help make her feel better. Animal control specialist Cindy C. During her own pregnancy, she remembered that one tea helped with stomach problems. So she gave Eilina the same antidote. "As this is her first pregnancy, zookeepers are watching closely to make sure everything goes smoothly for her future mother and her newfound joy," the Denver Zoo said in a statement.

"Early in her pregnancy, they noticed that she started feeling sick in the morning and showing signs of morning sickness. Our Animal Welfare and Health team made Eilina a special pregnancy tea to soothe her tummy. I decided to give."

A team at the Denver Zoo confirmed that Eileen was safe to drink the concoction before offering her a cup with a straw. A video posted on Instagram showed the monkey being so overjoyed that he took a drink and returned for more. The Denver Zoo says, "We are delighted to report that this tea has worked wonders!" "After her morning tea, Eilina is more active and seems to feel better throughout the day. This is the same tea that pet care specialist Cindy C has prescribed. She took it during her pregnancy and is happy that the treatment has helped her feel better too."

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