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The enthusiasm football brings to people's hearts is a universal feeling. Therefore, no one should feel left out of the fun, especially during a live match in a stadium where there is no commentary from sports commentators. This can be disconcerting for visually impaired people. A blind man named Mike Kearney knows this all too well, but luckily he has a great boyfriend. The moving video showed Mr Carney's cousin Stephen Garcia explaining the entire football game to Mr Carney at the stadium and the two celebrating together after the team scored a goal.

Carney and Garcia, both Liverpool season ticket holders,  first drew attention when a visually impaired man applauded Mo Salah's goal against Napoli during the 2018 Champions League match. collected.

"It's just routine, it's what we do," Garcia said in an interview. “I tell him every goal kick, every corner, every throw-in. , the man explained that he was constantly talking about who scored and how the game went, and that he heard moans when opponents scored. The team scored a goal. 

Driven by their passion and love for the team, Liverpool FC invited them to the final game of the season. The team then documented their time at the stadium,  not only faithfully portrayed by Garcia Carney, but also the heartwarming celebration of Liverpool FC's goal. As if that wasn't touching enough, Carney and Garcia were invited to Liverpool FC's training ground in Melwood by the team's star, Salah. Salah presented the team jersey, signed Kearney's jersey and said, "For Michael, your support is an inspiration."

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