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Some days my hair is in bad shape, and other days I have to spend weeks cutting my own hair and prolonging the consequences of impulsive decisions. People are familiar with these fashion failures, but there's a lion in China's Guangzhou Zoo who can relate. Meet Han Han, a male white lion with a truly enigmatic hairstyle. 

Han Han's photos quickly went viral on Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo and Little Red Book. The lion's fluffy mane appears to be clipped along the forehead into blunt, fashionable bangs. The problematic hairstyle is so accurate that zoo officials have been accused of giving Hanghan an unnecessary haircut. However, the zoo has repeatedly denied this claim, suggesting in an official statement that Guangzhou's high humidity may be responsible for his drooping mane. They also say that this look may have been naturally acquired by the lion's own grooming routine, which is perhaps the most interesting (and understandable) explanation. Thankfully, Han Han doesn't seem to mind the new hairstyle.

Interestingly, Han Han actually belongs to a species of lion with a rare mutation known for its fur. A lion's white fur, which ranges from tan to striking white, is caused by a recessive trait called albinism. It's not a more serious genetic mutation than albinism. This amazing species was thought to be extinct in the wild between 1992 and 2004. However, thanks to the Global White Lion Conservation Trust,  these lions were returned to their natural habitat in 2004 and he now has three lions thriving in the wild. Han Han lives in a zoo but is just as  (if not more) attention-grabbing for her unique blonde hair.

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