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The judges of America's Got Talent were blown away by a mesmerising performance led by a team of all-Lebanese dancers. This two-minute routine of hers "hypnotised" the judges with numerous synchronised illusions. The dance troupe's name "Mayas" means "Proud Walk of the Lioness" in Arabic. All  members are based in Lebanon. "Watching the Maya family on America's Got Talent is the best feeling I've ever felt," Maya founder Nadim Scherfam said in the  video. “Lebanon is not considered a place where you can make a career in dance.

Before the performance began, members of the Maya family impressed the jury with their respective messages. “Unfortunately, our activities as Arabian dancers are not yet fully supported,” one member commented. "The Maya family gave us a  space to dance freely, safely and creatively." It has started.

The Mayas began the audition by putting their arms together and making a series of gestures. This revealed the glove pattern and helped  create an interesting visual effect. After performing in line, the group split up to continue the routine with more synchronised dance moves, maintaining coordination despite the number of dancing members. 
In the end, the entire jury gave the team a standing ovation, but "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara was particularly impressed with the experience, awarding the Maya family a golden buzzer. "This was the most creative dance I've ever seen," she said. As a result, the Meiyas participated in the live rounds of America's Got Talent, earning a  chance to advance to the finals.

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