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On its opening weekend, audiences flocked to  theatres to see Barbie brought to life in the film adaptation of Greta Gerwig. While Margot Robbie is the title character on screen, another Barbie doll is making headlines online. Eye Studio shared a stunning video of a giant 3D Barbie doll popping out of a pink box and standing next to Dubai's Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world).

This clip is only 16 seconds long, but it grabs your attention right away. Next to a skyscraper is a giant Mattel Barbie box  with a character in a striped bathing suit standing inside. Suddenly, Barbie comes to life, slips through the plastic packaging and poses outside the box. As beautiful as a statue, the 8,722-foot tall Burj Her Khalifa is even taller.

“Hi Barbie, are you looking for Ken?” Eye Studio captioned the post. Amazingly, the video was shot on an iPhone before Barbie was superimposed in the footage. Many in the comments praised the special effects, calling the animation both terrifying and mesmerising. The video has already accumulated over 180,000 likes and over 1 million views. “It's our most viewed content ever,” Eye Studio creative director Juhi Rupaniadmitted says. “I wish I could give you an explanation as to what happened with the algorithm, but the truth is we don’t know what happened.”

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