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Photography is in the eye of the beholder as they might say and allows us to see things in a different way as it captures the essence of the object. Whether it is photos of a war scene that is heartbreaking or adorable animals and furry friends. 

Photographer Andrius Burba uses his camera and photography skills to capture a whole new look or view of our fluffy four legged dogs. 

Burba’s series called Under-Dogs, showcases the bellies of various canines. From the less hairy to the most fluffiest doggo in all shapes and sizes, Burba views them all. 

The adorable pups sit on a glass surface which allows us to get a crystal-clear view of their fuzzy undersides as well as glimpses into their temperament.

A year ago, Burba delighted his fans with his similarly project called Under-cats. He clearly loves the unique point of view. 

Burba explained that, “Pets photographed from the underneath on a black background somehow have become my signature artwork,” however despite the similarities in the series, Under-Dogs is however distinctly different than his series Under-cats. 

In this series Burba remarkably captures the essence of each dog. Looking at the dogs temperament, one can see that canines are in generally more playful and it clearly translates in their adorable portraits. “Dogs are more obedient which helps us to create more interesting shots. Others weren’t afraid of standing above [on the glass] which was easy and fun to work with.” 

His Under-Dogs series was photographed a year ago, however  Burba kept it quiet for a long time before revealing his work. “We were patiently waiting until now, as we wanted to present the results along with the publication of Under-Dogs book.” 

Scroll down to see more adorable photos of the playful canines and their fluffy bellies. 

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