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Over the years, technology and other ways of the universe have meant a whole lot of new jobs to choose from. Gone are the days where you could only choose between becoming a teacher, policeman or nurse.

Nowadays, there are some pretty cool jobs out there where people are earning an income for doing fun things.

Have you ever wondered how one actor can break beer bottles on another actor’s head without injuring them? That's thanks to movie prop makers. They make anything from chairs and beer bottles to windows and bricks that are made to break easily and not cause injuries to other actors. These items are all made from special materials, ideal for using on the set of a movie, so that they still look like the real thing.

If you love the outdoors, becoming a truffle hunter might be right up your alley. Truffle hunters use dogs to help them sniff out where the truffles are as they’re always below ground. Once found, the truffle hunters will sniff them to make sure they’re still good. What makes this such a lucrative profession? Truffles can go off within five days, so they need to be sold quickly.

Do you struggle to walk into a house, and see how you can make it your own and be comfortable living in there? Then you need a stager! Stagers are people who furnish empty houses or apartments to give prospective buyers an idea of what it could look like when they move in with their furniture. They furnish the space with furniture and décor elements rented specifically for staging. Once the place is sold, the stager takes everything back to the warehouse again.

Watch the Insider video below for these and other awesome jobs you never knew existed.

Image credit: Great Italian Chefs

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