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Kids often make it really hard for parents to get upset when they do the funniest things.

A little girl proved this right, once again, after she was caught red-handed trying to wipe away her red marker writing marks, which she placed all over a bathroom, including the toilet seat.

Twitter user @ZwangaMukhuthu, uploaded a photo onto his account showing how the little one realises that she had just been caught in the act. To avoid any reaction from her parent, she though her best way out was to throw herself on the floor and pretend to be dead. Zwanga captioned the hilarious video of the mischievous bundle of joy: "Bathong".

Soon the video reached several viewers. South Africans couldn’t deal with the cuteness overload and headed to the comment section to share their thoughts. 

One viewers, @Mvusze commented; "I propose a role for her as Goodness' kidnapped daughter Mvelo... @Connie_Ferguson here's raw talent." 

Another user, @lumkilep said; "It's at this point she knew a hiding is coming, playing dead was the only option. kids are precious shem!" 

"She played dead there for a moment i Stan" 

"The guilt can be overwhelming at times"

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