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In an incredible display of his talent, 28-year-old French beatboxer and vocalist Mohamed Belkhir recreated an entire orchestra using only his mouth. The artist recreated several instruments, a chorus, and an operatic singer with only his voice. He then used his loop station to layer the sounds and bring them all together. Belkhir, is well known by his stage name MB14, and is a self-taught beatboxer, musician and vocalist. In the biography on his YouTube channel, he describes his art as being “based on the human voice,” and a “musical cocktail” of singing, beatboxing, and rapping.

Belkhir's beatboxing talents first began in 2010 and was later given a national stage in 2016 to appear on the fifth season of The Voice France. After producers came across his  extraordinary beatbox cover of Massive Attack's “Teardrop”, they invited him to participate. At the time,” he says, “I was the outsider, the beat boxer who sang a little.” He earned second place, and appeared on the show again in 2021 in the All stars addition. In those five years he significantly evolved as an artist and also began focusing his talents on opera and film as mediums. “It unblocked me a lot vocally. Before I was in the head voice a lot; there I discovered the depth of my chest voice. Having worked on this film opened up new horizons for me. Now I listen to opera almost every day. I don't want to think of myself as just a beatboxer anymore, it limited me artistically. I want to use all my possibilities so as not to lock myself in a register.”

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